Things I am grateful for

Things I am grateful for

Pen and ink on paper
30 X 40 inches

Awarded “Best in the Show” for Introspective Art Contest 2020 by Art Gallery Inc July 1, 2020

-Artist's interpretation-

This piece was made during a time in my life when I was struggling to find reasons and inspiration to go on. I wanted to create a piece that would act as a personal mantra with a positive meaning. A constant reminder of the things I am grateful for.

The head represents an individual's mind in disarray. It's divided and falling apart. What holds it together are these hands reaching out to provide support in varying fashion. The hands are different in size and in the manner in which they are holding the person together. This represents the nature of care and presence, a representation of the people and elements in our life that act as the pillar of support. 


Some hands are large indicating the effect or the presence, nearness or time. Some hands are dirty representing how even with their own personal struggle they are trying their best to be there. Some hands are tiny and are reaching out from far away representing people who are there for us regardless of the physical distance and their inability to be there for you all the time. There is also a hand that is holding withered flowers, symbolizing people who have been there for you with the best intention from the very beginning, They have been holding on for so long  the flowers have withered away.

Yet, they're still holding on. The things I am grateful for.

From the Series, 'Mantra'