The old man with young hands

Pen and ink on paper
124 X 42  inches

-Artist's interpretation-

This is the third iteration of "The old man with young hands".  The title is in reference to the mindset of individuals today, who derive their identities and values from society instead of realizing that it is them who shape and reinvent society. This work is an exploration into our consciousness.


Deriving inspiration from the idea that time is a human construct and everything that can happen has already happened, here is a universe with infinite possibilities such as the idea of multiverse.


To the right is the depiction of life and it's infinite possibilities, originating from a single point. The face is the shell of an individual, a representation of the path and events that has shaped the person. 

It may be believed that everything exists in our consciousness and we can create our own reality. The image shows manifestation of thoughts & desires into existence by channeling energy and the chakras associated with higher state of consciousness. Anahata - heart, Vishuddha - throat, Ajna - third eye and Sahasrara -Crown. 

The fishes have dual meanings in this work. It is a metaphor for what we seek and desire. He wants the fish, with it's eyes spiraling like the galaxy we exist in. Yet, he is fishing for worms in the fish bowl just as how we go after money, fame and power to gain happiness. The fish is within his grasp if he only realizes it.

The fishes are also a metaphor for the age of Pisces. The age of deception and confusion which coincides with Kaliyuga from Sanskrit scriptures. One of the fish is in exit signifying the shift from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius.

The spiral of a black hole on the very left, it is the very end. It's fruition where it will engulf all that exists.

In between the end and the beginning, exists what we know as life, our consciousness.

From the Series, 'Satya'

 © 2020 by Samridh Mukhiya

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