Pen and ink on paper
24 X 36  inches

Awarded "Best in the Show" for "APTITUDE" International Art Contest by GALLERY8680 on July 3, 2020

-Artist's interpretation-

This piece is a commentary on the apathetic side of human race integrated as an organism, a well oiled beast of a machine that caters to it's survival. It takes what it needs to grow and does not give back to nature, the rapacious culture we exist in today. On the lower ends of the machine are endless individuals striving to keep the beast moving forward. As one moves up the machine, they can find more complex structures that aid and oversee it's continuity and growth. Much higher it is engulfed in smoke, fumes and a large portion veiled in fog. The transparency clouded with complexities existing in the governing bodies deterring a common individual's understanding of the system. ​At the very top is a person on a boat. This is the representation of the individuals who influence global affairs. The character on the boat stands tall and beyond reach. They can veer this boat and the society to any future desired while fishing with three kinds of lure; religion, law and politics. In this veil of fog one can see the escape pod and an ancient structure engulfed in the fog suggesting existence of such system from a dated time. The destructive side of the human race driving itself onto an uncertain future, now much more prominent that ever.

From the Series, 'Satya'

 © 2020 by Samridh Mukhiya

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