Sapana सपना - Dream

Pen and ink on paper
32 X 40 inches

Received "Best in the Show" & "WorkParadise Honorary Award 2017" at Afactory Studio Museum of Arts' 2017 Juired Exhibition

-Artist's interpretation-

This personal piece was created at a difficult and endearing time, over burdened with problems and no solution in sight. I was not sleeping much. The inspiration came to me, when I dozed off for a brief moment when I put my head down. 

I had not felt this in a very long time. When I opened my eyes, the sensation - I remembered, it was something familiar from the distant past when I was much younger. The reverberation of bliss when one wakes up from a beautiful slumber. No longer deprived of sleep yet you could go back to it if desired or rise up to all the warm light that engulfs you. It felt so heavenly I wanted to capture the moment.

I started drawing and wanted to tell a story.

As the individual drifts into sleep, the consciousness metamorphoses into elements of the dream world. It flows as it morphs into intangible forms and shapes into a tree. The tree represents a person's support, loved ones, friends and family. But a gust of wind has blown away the leaves and along with it, the nest. However, it is still tied to the tree. In this turmoil the bird is flying and striving. It looks towards the well, a motif that appears in my work representing the means to an end. The leaves blow past the empty well towards and through the door which signify opportunities in our life, to a place far away in the center where the bucket from the well is resting. It is where the source of the water originates. There is no turmoil and the tree is calm. The water gushes down in abundance, navigating effortlessly through the creeks to the resting calm where he is sleeping. Which bring the thought that maybe you already have what you are looking for.

From the Series, 'Mantra'

 © 2020 by Samridh Mukhiya

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