Pen and ink on paper
11 X 15 inches

Featured in the show 'Spirit of Collaboration' 1/9 - 1/28/20 at Deep Ellum Art Co.


In the collection of Jean and David Schucker

-Artist's interpretation-

We exist in a vast cosmic ocean of a limitless universe and the reality we exists in, exists only in our consciousness. But we emphasize more on the physical and material, since it is tangible, it appears more real and we derive value or possession out of it. The physical demands urgency, it seems immediate.


Yet we do not apply the same level of efforts to understand ourselves within, even though we are as boundless as the universe we exist in. If one were to stop and search inside, it could be realized that the depths of our consciousness are as infinite as the unknown boundaries of this cosmos.


From the Series, 'Mantra' - further exploration into the artwork 'Sapana'

 © 2020 by Samridh Mukhiya

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