Ritu (Sanskrit: ऋतु) - Seasons

Charcoal on paper
30 X 44 Inches

-Artist's interpretation-

​This was an academic assignment where a collection of random still life were kept in the center of the room and the artists were required to choose three to four elements to compose in their artwork. They were required to move as many times as required to incorporate all the elements.

​I was drawn to the vintage mannequin with the shroud, the masked skeleton with the silk dress holding on to grapes, the egg inside the cage and the doll peering out of the box. These four elements spoke to me as though there was a story behind this.  

​The egg inside the cage came to me as the reality of how we are bound to certain attributes before we are born. It is not our choice nor in our control whether we are able or challenged, rich or poor, how we look, the color of our skin, the environment and many circumstances. We can always strive to mold our lives but our beginnings usually have unique constraints.

​The doll in the box reminded me of my own childhood as I would sometimes pause to ponder how my life was going to unfold beyond the endless vastness of the walls of my home that intrigued me and petrified me at the same time.

​The mannequin which occupies the largest space and focus represents life in its fullest. A time of prime beauty and ability to take on anything but no matter where you stand in life, there is uncertainty and the inevitable mortality. A fate we can neither escape nor alter. 

​The masked skeleton wearing the silk dress depicting persona, holds grapes which represent life; embodies mortality depicting how we strive to continue living through efforts that prolong longevity and endeavors to leave a legacy.

​These four elements brought together are presented symbolically as the seasons of life.

 © 2020 by Samridh Mukhiya

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