Pen and ink on paper
17 X 22 inches

Received "Honorable mention" in Envision Arts's BLACK + WHITE III : A contemporary collective exhibition March 1 - 31st 2020

-Artist's interpretation-

I have long thought about the future of the mankind and how the true continuity of our legacy as a race of conscious being and further expansion into the universe may not be biological but an evolution of our collective consciousness' transference into artificial intelligence. A metamorphosis from biological to digital which can flourish outside this fragile and limiting ecological support system.

​The image represents a time in the future where artificial intelligence has developed to the point that it is self aware and self sufficient. Conflict and sentiments between man and machine is not suggested.

If the machines were to develop themselves they would do so embracing function over aesthetics, hence the nature of visual treatment of the robot. 

​Today we live in a world were we try to be efficient like the machines. Such qualities are admired in the society that we exist in. The image depicts a world where the machines have risen and a unit is looking at a mirror after it found a child and is wondering, why it as in "itself" isn't more like a human. A reflection of awareness.



 © 2020 by Samridh Mukhiya

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