One who sees

Pen and ink on paper
24 X 36  inches

-Artist's interpretation-

​This piece was initially titled "Voyeur", however it was not about voyeurism. We are slowly shifting into the future of instant gratification, a boon we have abused and it starts with information. The woman represents what we seek. We access various information portals to fulfill our curiosity from the comfort of our screen with the filtered version of other people's interpretations. At times we are not even exposed to the whole picture but parts and fragment that support a subjective perception. We are willing to sit behind the screens and judge loudly but unwilling to uncover all there is with our own eyes. What we may fail to realize is beyond the sea of misguided information and the drowning truth, if you look closely there is an eye that's keeping watch on all of us.

From the Series, 'Satya'

 © 2020 by Samridh Mukhiya

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