Meloncholia ii

Pen and ink on paper
24 X 36  inches

Awarded “First place” for Introspective Art Contest 2020 by Art Gallery Inc July 1, 2020

Awarded “Third place for Adult Original artwork” by Texas Mental Health Awareness Creative Arts Contest April 23, 2020

Awarded "Best in Show" by Rockwall Art League 20th Annual Art Show Oct 3rd, 2020

-Artist's interpretation-

This is the second one in the series of Melancholia. It is a subjective portrait.

The hair as waves represent the state of the mind, relentless, vacillating and boundless like the sea. The shell of the individual is withering away exposing the inner self. There sits atop the person's head; a well in the sea, a motif I use metaphorically and periodically to represent the means to an end. Here, the well is the only element casting light inside. Within, the person is drowning as he is entangled in his own sea of thoughts and perception, a habit we all tend to fall victim to. The world inside him is also crumbling slowly, the stable elements he was accustomed to rely on are sinking. But that is not the first time the person inside has drowned. As seen on the bottom where the heart resides are parts of him that have sunk on impaled sticks, representation of the hurt endured, the wounds that have had lasting effects, moments of pain that have remained, with every event and moment that has chipped away the mind. 

This person dies a little every time. There will come a moment, when there will be no bits and pieces left to sink. An emptiness that can only witness the fragmented corpses of oneself, that once was. 


In this cosmic ocean of existence, some of us drown, maybe the current is too strong, maybe it's too cold or maybe we've been swimming for way too long and are tired from helping others or offering all that we have.


For our loved ones who struggle with mental health what would you do to help?

Very much like the one life we have, we have only one breath left when we drown and sometimes help can come a little too late. 

How deep? More than a breath.

This is to raising awareness about the importance of mental health

From the Series, 'Meloncholia'

 © 2020 by Samridh Mukhiya

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