Kalpana (Sanskrit: कल्पना )

Oil and acrylics on canvas
48 X 48 inches

-Artist's interpretation-


Kalpana - Sanskrit: कल्पना, k uh l - p uh - n ah, is derived from the root - kalpanama (कल्पनम्) + ना, and means – 'fixing', 'settlement', 'making', 'performing', 'doing', 'forming', 'arranging', 'decorating', 'ornamenting', 'forgery', 'a contrivance', 'device'.[1] and also means – 'assuming anything to be real', 'fictional'. [2] "creativity" and "imagination" in Hindi, Telugu, Marathi and Nepali. 


How you are feeling at moment is a reality dictated by your thoughts and orchestrated by emotions. It is not constant. If it were, maybe you have experienced what death is. We are alive, thus a sea of thoughts come to us and we swim in an ocean of feelings.


Many of us, most of our time, spend our lives merely reacting, adapting to the changes and bearing witness to it all; much like a light house by the shore.


It's important to see what is out there, to witness and to understand the world around us. But sometimes one must close their eyes and shed that light within to explore the depth of our thoughts. To reveal ourselves for what we truly are. Understand what thoughts we think to realize as to why we feel. To ponder what we have shaped and to imagine what we could manifest.

From the Series, 'Cognitive distortions'

 © 2020 by Samridh Mukhiya

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