Charcoal on paper
30 X 44 inches

Recieved “Best in show” award at Texas Visual Arts Association’s “Feeling Abstract” exhibition

-Artist's interpretation-

This work is derived from the studies on cognitive distortion which explores how an individual's perception can alter the reality of a situation and one's mental state. My objective in this piece was to visually represent this idea.

Whether the glass is half empty or full, there is only the amount of water that exists. It is neither good nor bad, favorable or unfavorable. It is how we percieve the situation that affects our being.  

The falling rocks and debris represent the varying events in our life that takes place all around us. The ropes and giant structures that are in the way of the falling rocks represent our perceptions that filter how the debris fall. The ropes signify general perception whereas the large bodies represent perception that have solidified from poignant events. The boulders may represent an upbringing, instilled ideologies, events that have deeply affected a person or caused trauma. An individual who has been deeply affected by death, violence or sexual abuse will react differently to situations than how a person who has not experienced similar pain or trauma. The light at the bottom represents the individual. 

As time passes the falling debris will shape our perceptions, some ropes may break and some boulders may crack similarly as how we may change our views on certain things in the passage of life. The falling rocks that represent events and interaction will keep affecting the individuals, some may hurt the light and some may help it burn brighter. Regardless of the events in our life, if we lose control of our perception and fall victim to crippling thoughts, we may end up buried in all the rubble unable to shine and breathe life.

Jouska - a hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head

From the Series, 'Cognitive Distortions'

 © 2020 by Samridh Mukhiya

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