Pen and ink on paper

11 X 15 inches

Featured in the show 'Spirit of Collaboration' 1/9 - 1/28/20 at Deep Ellum Art Co.

Submission for #Inktober52 #inktober2020

-Artist's interpretation-

Opportunities are everywhere and they are connected to each other. The usual old methods have ceased to yield results to access them. The ladders that used to aid us climb to the door of opportunities are broken. We need to spread our wings to reach these doors now. 


Each person has their own set of wings; a skill, passion or an ability that brings them as well as others joy and meaning, something that resonates with purpose uplifting our existence above the mundane. We need to embrace it and use it to achieve our dreams.


Make use of those wings, it is time for your flight

From the Series, 'Mantra' - further exploration into the artwork 'Sapana'

 © 2020 by Samridh Mukhiya

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