Samridh Mukhiya 

In my work I explore the human condition. My process involves creating conceptual contents which represent and interpret experiences that shape our existence, designed to invoke awakening, healing and manifestation through visual mantras.

I draw from within, investing my conscious hours in conceiving methods to interpret matters psychological, sociopolitical, spiritual, exploration of consciousness and the meaning of life. I attempt to portray the intangible human condition that can only be experienced in our consciousness.  The realm on the edge where noise from the conventional society fade and the state of one's being is realized in this boundless void of the cosmos which encapsulates all that exist, where in stillness you can witness the reflection of a similar vastness within. 


Majority of my art has been black and white. They have been devoid of colors in order to create the context where an observer can explore the thoughts which precedes our uninhibited and invoked emotions. A space of interpretation inbetween the oscillation of the two extremes. 


​Through my art, I want to start a dialogue with my audience, presenting ideas that invoke curiosity and seed a perception which grow into questions. A reexamination of ideas we have come to accept. I want to awaken minds, I want them to ask questions and find their own answers and meanings. I want them to search beyond this maya.